Project Engineering

Plan safe and efficient marine operations

Project Engineering

We develop project specific procedures to increase the efficiency, accuracy and safety of marine operations. The Maritime Support team consists of practical and theoretical experts in marine operations. Together we provide clients with the best advice to successfully execute their project. Based on the specifics of your project Maritime Support will provide you with a tailor made and detailed procedure adapted to the needs and challenges of your project.

We are committed to our clients and our goals are to offer creative solutions to ensure the most efficient safe and cost effective method is used during the project.

Besides the design of procedures for new projects, we review existing procedures for on-going projects. Evaluating existing procedures or ongoing projects with another vision than the original could provide more efficient and/or safer methods for your activities. We know where theoretical knowledge and practical experience should come together. On this exact point we will be providing you with a detailed plan.

All our work will be supported with a handout of the procedure, checklists and drawings. We supply them to ensure that our procedures are easy to use on site, accessible and easily understandable for all involved parties. Our checklists give a clear indication whether your project is executed according to the planned method or not.

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