Operational Activity Planning

Easy contingency planning for complicated vessels

Operational Activity Planning

The operational activity planning is used to identify risks and define an appropriate response in case a failure occurs. A rapid and proper response will allow the safe occurrence of the worst-case failure. A correct and fast response will reduce loss of time and ensure the safety.

For DP-2/3 vessels, a critical activity mode (CAMO) will define possible failures and risks. Also it will propose a proper response to the event which has occurred. It is developed for activities undertaken on the margin of the vessel’s capacity to ensure the most robust configuration is created to execute these activities. The CAMO also defines the safest mode of operations (SMO).

An activity specific operating guideline (ASOG) is an activity or location-specific operational planning in a tabulated format. The ASOG defines the operational, environmental and equipment capabilities and performance limitations for the specific operations in a clear overview.

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