Failure Modes and Effects Analysis Proof your design Concept


The FMEA, failure modes and effects analysis, is used to demonstrate compliance with equipment class requirements. The effect of failures is analysed, and based on the FMEA the worst-case failure can be defined. The FMEA is mainly used to demonstrate the redundancy of the vessel, however it can also be used to demonstrate the criticality of systems or equipment.

All systems used for the positioning of the vessel on DP shall be incorporated in the FMEA. The analysis shall frequently be reviewed and updated to include al modifications to the vessel.

Findings of the FMEA shall be verified during the FMEA proving trials and incorporated into the operations, emergency and maintenance manuals.

Our team consists of experts with experience in undertaking FMEA’s of DP systems. We do not only verify compliance with the requirements but also give design advice.

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