DP Operations Manual

Compliancy and practical guidance in one document

Dynamic Positioning support

A ship specific DP operations manual shall be prepared for each DP vessel. The requirement for a manual has its origins in International Maritime Organisation (IMO) MSC / Circ. 645. A DP operations manual is a manual with instructions for the safe planning and execution of DP operations.

We provide tailor made DP operations manuals, the manual is developed ship specific with the ship’s activities integrated. All systems and equipment used for the dynamic positioning of the vessel are accounted for and analysed in this document.

DP vessels can be deployed in different operational conditions, for example; subsea activities, constructions operations, heavy lifting, cable lay, support operations, walk-to-work, etc. By integrating the operations, we aim to ensure the safety of the operations, increase the efficiency and secure the correct contingency planning.

These specialised vessels are often required to operate in many different environment areas and operational conditions. These include medium to deep water drilling, accommodation, construction and removal operations, wind farm installations, subsea activities (divers and ROV operations), pipe and cable-lay operations, shuttle tankers, automated thruster assisted moorings and weather-vane operations.

The manual is developed according to:

– IMO circulars

– Classification rules and regulations

– International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA)

– Marine Transportation System (MTS)

– Industry best practice guidelines

Checklists are provided with the manual to secure the correct setup of the DP system. The checklists allow the operator to monitor changes and performance. The checklists and operational analysis will stimulate the safety of operations and the efficiency of (emergency) responses.

The DP operation manual contains:

– DP philosophy for the vessel

– Responsibilities of key personnel

– Training, watch keeping and manning requirements

– Vessel technical data and layout

– Vessel DP capabilities

– Operating limits

– Operating modes

– Guidance in the planning and preparation of DP operations

– DP operating procedures

– Emergency procedures

– Contingency plans

– DP incident handling

– Trials, checks and tests information

For complicated power generating or distribution systems or thruster configurations, Maritime Support will provide the operator with a thruster and generator operating strategy (TAGOS) to assist with decision making for different circumstances and equipment availabilities.

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