Security on workboats

Security on workboats

Working in small ports without any ISPS procedures, moored on public quays and with limited resources available. Workboats and CTV’s are found in difficult circumstances to ensure the security on board, but the security of such vessel is frequently found to be a threat.

In the past months we have advised and developed procedures for several clients to stimulate and implement security procedures on their workboats.

How is the security on your vessels? How to prevent difficult, impractical and expensive security measures without jeopardizing the security?

An SSA, Ship Security Assessment, is to be carried out in order to:

  • Identify the scope of operations
  • Identify current security measures and procedures
  • Identify weaknesses in current security measures and procedures
  • Identify potential threads

The level of required security measures is based on the results of the SSA. Security measures and the company’s objectives are combined in the security procedures and the SSP, Ship Security Plan is developed.


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